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Consumption Inquiry Request

  1. Consumption Inquiry Request

    This form is designed to solicit information related to your consumption usage that will allow us to better research your concerns.

  2. Please note that we bill in arrears, meaning, your most recent water bill is based on usage from the previous month to the middle of the current month. For example, the 8/20/2018 statement is for the billing (consumption) period of 7/15/2018 to 8/15/2018. Any changes during the billing period will reflect on the subsequent statement.

  3. Generally speaking, if you notice your usage for a given billing period has increased significantly, the most common cause is due to a leak, a running irrigation system, or increased in usage when company is visiting (holidays, etc.).

  4. Please fill out the form to the best of your knowledge and we will have a member of our team research the matter and respond as quickly as possible.

  5. How would you like to be contacted?*

  6. Have you noticed any leaks around your property?*

    Example - running toilets, water heaters, faucets or pipes on your property.

  7. Is an irrigation system in use? (Sprinklers)*

  8. Have you noticed standing water on your property?*

  9. Was this property vacant for any period of time? (Vacation, home for sale, etc...)*

  10. Do you have a pool or hot tub?*

  11. Water Adjustments.

    If a leak has been found and repaired the City does offer a Water Adjustment once every 12 months. For more information please visit the Utility Forms page or contact our office at or 972-771-4601.

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