Who do I contact regarding trash service?
This service is provided by Waste Connections and is billed through your water bill at the rate of $19.16 per month for residential service effective 9/18/15. You must use the Waste Connective provided 95 gallon poly-cart. If you do not have a poly-cart at the address you are setting up service for, please let us know and arrangements will be made to have one delivered to you. You are allowed one bulky item per week in addition to your Progressive container(s). Additional poly-carts are available for $11.95 per month. We also provide recycling. You will be supplied with up to 2 18-gallon recycle bins at no charge, or we can provide a 96 gallon recycling poly-cart for $1 per month. Recycling is picked up once a week. Tuesday is recycling pick up day for residents on the south side of Highway 66. Thursday is recycling pick up day for residents on the north side of Highway 66.

Commercial accounts should contact Waste Connections directly at 903-450-8282.

This service is provided to inside city limit residential/commercial accounts only.

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