2020 Comprehensive Plan

The city of Fate has begun a year-long community-driven planning process. The 2020 Comprehensive Plan will build on the 2015 Comprehensive Plan. The City’s population has nearly doubled since the last comp plan was inaugurated. Therefore, the 2020 plan will incorporate the community changes that may exist since the 2015 plan was adopted. The new plan will incorporate our rapidly growing and expanding demographic to establish a collective, community-wide consensus for the vision of Fate’s future. There are seven phases of the plan. Currently, the process is in phase 1B.

Visit the Forward Fate website here.

  • PHASE 1A: Project Initiation & Management
  • PHASH 1B: Community Audit
  • PHASE 2: Vision & Fiscal Lens
  • PHASE 3: Market Analysis
  • PHASE 4: Scenario Strategies
  • PHASE 5: Sub-Area & Corridor Focus Areas
  • PHASE 6: Solutions
  • PHASE 7: Adoption