Pending Development Projects


Many Fate residents have been asking about the progress on Brookshire's coming to the City of Fate. In an effort to give you a transparent answer, the answer is still... we don't know. Below is a timeline of action taken over the last few years and where we stand today. City staff is working diligently to bring Fate residents quality economic development. The bottom line remains, that Brookshire's is a business and develops at the pace and speed in which makes financial sense for their business. 

Timeline of ProgressActions Taken
March 2013
Worked with a local developer to initiate contact with Brookshire’s.
April 2013
Broker contacted Brookshire’s, scheduled follow up meeting in May.
June 2013
City Staff met with Brookshire’s site consultant / analyst and provided development stats.
September 2013
Brookshire’s closes Rockwall store location.
November 2013
Brookshire’s begins negotiating with property owners on southwest corner 551 and I30.
August 2014
Brookshire’s purchases property.
February 2015
City approves economic incentive with Brookshire’s for utility line relocation cost reimbursement. Brookshire’s announces their commitment to build a new store in Fate with the completion of the store coinciding with the completion of new overpass at FM 551.
October 2015
The City of Fate invites Brookshire’s and adjacent landowners to coordinate infrastructure.
November 2015
Overpass opens for North/South Traffic along FM 551.
December 2015
The City of Fate negotiates an economic incentive with Brookshire’s for the sewer line to be reimbursed once the line is completed.
January 2016
Fate City Counncil approves an incentive agreement to assist with the sewer line costs to serve Brookshire’s and the surrounding commercial areas.
March 2016
The City of Fate meets with planning consultants, property owners, and Brookshire’s to receive feedback regarding the development of the Comprehensive Plan.
April 2016
The City of Fate meets with planning consultants, property owners, and Brookshire’s to conduct a design charrette.
April 2016
Design plans for sewer line are submitted.
June 2016Brookshire's announces the purchase of 25 Wal-Mart Express Stores.
August 2016
City acquires easements from property owners for the sewer line.
August 2016
City receives information from landowner that Brookshire’s will begin construction on their store in July of 2017.
October 2016
Brookshire’s begins construction on the sewer line.
December 2016
Brookshire’s completes the sewer line and qualifies to receive their economic incentive from the City.
January 2017
Brookshire’s inquires about the City’s tax rate.
April 2017
Brookshire’s inquires about the City’s impact fees.  City staff offers to meet with Brookshire’s to discuss.
May 2017
City offers to drive out to Tyler to meet with Brookshire's new Real Estate team.
June 2017
City Staff sends information to new representative to bring him up to speed.  The representative indicates that Brookshire’s is still interested in building in Fate, does not disclose when they will begin construction.
July 2017
City staff offers again to meet with Brookshire’s to discuss additional economic incentives to expedite the construction of the grocery store.
August 2017
City staff contacts Brookshire’s to discuss next steps.  Brookshire’s maintains their intent is to build a store in Fate, however, they would not commit to any timeline.  City Staff again offers to meet to discuss additional incentives to expedite the construction of the grocery store including initiating zoning for their property. Brookshire’s representative said that they are covered in projects and to call back beginning of October.
August 2017
City staff receives phone call from Brookshire’s representative requesting information about how to accomplish the construction of the slab.  Staff puts together the same day a detailed outline and offers to meet with Brookshire’s team the following week to go over everything.
October 2017
City Staff speaks with real estate representative who maintains that Brookshire’s intent is to build in Fate, although he could not provide any details.The representative indicated he would be speaking with the executive team and to give him a call back the following week.  
November 2017
City Staff meets with the land owner who indicated their intent to purchase back the property from Brookshire's if another grocery store is interested in building there.
January - November 2018Several emails and phone calls. Brookshire's maintains that it is their intent to build a store in Fate, but does not know when that would happen.
December 2018 - PresentBrookshire's still owns the property in Fate.