Fate Power Switch

Fate Power Switch - Can You Get A Better Power Deal?

Looking for a fair and competitive electric rate? Join the Fate Power Switch!

Your electric bill may be one of your the biggest monthly bills, especially in the hot summer months. A lower fixed rate can help lower your bills year round. The City of Fate is committed to help you save on your electric bills, which is why we launched the third Fate Power Switch.

We have secured a great auction winning rate - people can save an average of $343!

Price protection from rising energy rates
Texas households are already feeling the impact of rising energy prices in the form of much higher electricity bills - and it’s not even summer yet. The competitive rates from the auction are good for a full year and with energy prices on the rise, it’s a great time lock in a low rate.

Already registered?
If you have already signed up with the Fate Power Switch, keep an eye on your email inbox starting April 30. 

Not registered yet? 
The auction was so successful that we’ve extended the registration period so you and others can still sign up. Join and get your personal offer starting April 30.

Registration  is free, easy to do and it will only take 5 minutes to complete.
You will need your current monthly power bill to complete registration. 

Please note: Farmers Electric Cooperative customers cannot participate.

For more information about how this program works, check out the video below.
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